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February 10 - Roundup

February 28th, 2010

Incredibly busy month, and March doesn’t see that easing off for me (between work, college & the other), so here’s a quick roundup of some stuff I’ve liked but is too short for a full post.

Irish Blog Awards 2010 nominations announced, keep an eye on best newcomer :)

Stop counting on discounting, maybe stack em high sell em cheap isn’t going to work…

Using Excel to analysis website traffic increase & decreases

More than 50 million tweets a day sent on Twitter, but more than 60 million status updates per day on Facebook

10 Keys to Effective Non-Profit Organization Websites (works for any website imo)

How to Measure Return on Investment in Social Media (what about the return on ignorance?)

Old Spice, the old fashioned way (via Nick McGiveney)

How addictive is this? Record Tipping

Agency structure vs Client structure (Might me understand a little more about agencies and stop disliking them so much)

Ben Terrett behind the scenes on The Observer relaunch

If you’re on LinkedIn, here’s some of the books I’m reading/about to read

I’ll try and make this a bit more structed next month :)

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